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The Danger Years


A research project looking into children’s creativity and how it can be effected  by external factors such as education, technology and nature. Here you can see images of the visual report that I created to present my findings.



The design of the report was based on the visual concept: Stay Within The Lines


Visual rationale


Black and White:

These are a signifier of the factors that are stifling the creativity of children in the UK. For example: lack of space for creativity in the education system, lack of nature exposure and unconstructive use of technology

Electric Blue:

This colour was bought in to cut through the otherwise monochrome palette as a representation of the creativity found in the brains of everyone at birth, that we only loose through a lack of creative nurture from a young age.


The fluid lines that feature through out the report are used as a visual reference to the children that struggle to ‘stay within the lines’ of a society that seems to not value creativity in education. The juxtaposition of these lines against the rigid, sans serif uppercase typography is a visual metaphor for the struggle between creativity, and the social structures that inhibit it.


Self initiated project