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If Not Us Then Who



If Not Us Then Who: A non profit organisation showcasing films of indigenous communities around the world as they fight climate change.



Analyse the existing websites design and user behaviour and use this insight to inform a user centred redesign of the home page and film library page.


Our primary objectives in redesigning the site were to broadly increase users understanding of their mission and specifically increase the number of films watched to completion.





Home page

The home page was redesigned to ensure that the films were the focus. Using them to show as opposed to tell what INUTW do. A full screen intro film is overlaid with statements that appear on scroll down, giving an overview of the organisation and their aims.


Where as the old website had featured films in a small grid, This had low user engagement and I decided it would be more impactful to keep them full screen and use a horizontal scroll to navigate through the play list.


When watching a film, rolling the cursor over the image brings up the controls, title and option to see further information about what you are watching. The rest of the time the screen is clear of distractions and controls in order to keep the focus on the film itself.


When more information is clicked on, it overlays the copy on top of the film, creating enough contrast with a transparent fill to make the text easily legible. Displaying the information relating to a film in this way helps to ensure that focus is kept on the viewing area, minimising the opportunity for viewers to get distracted and drop off from watching.


Film library

Over time the site had greatly increased the number of films available and the original site desgin was no longer fit for this volume of content. The film library needed to be redesigned to help people quickly find films that interested them, and made navigating the catalogue and watching films both easy and pleasurable.


In order to achieve these design and experience goals. I designed a filter focused layout to allow users to easily narrow down the offering. As well as rich functionality that allowed users to ‘favourite’ films into custom playlists, and open, play, and read the information behind each film, all within the one page. The idea was to minimise the amount of page hopping people had to do to find something they want to watch, with the aim of encouraging more people to watch multiple films.


A lot of thought was put into the micro interactions throughout the site, for example the motion of loading states and the easing of scrolling animations. The aim of making these interactions rich and enjoyable was to make navigation pleasing for users, without visually detracting from the hero content,


Here you can see the new designs for the film library page.


Credit: This work was done during my time at Hide the Shark. The new website is currently in beta stage.