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Freelance Creative Designer with a versatile set of skills in digital, print, motion and branding, and a solid understanding of the creative process. Experienced in working at both large, award winning agencies, and small creative studios.

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Gatwick Airport


I was the lead designer on Gatwick Airports social media channels for two years. I worked closely with the editorial team to regularly concept and create effective content using Gatwick Airports illustration style. In order to promote their in store facilities and retail offers, as well as destinations they fly to.



Gatwick’s ‘Always On’ social strategy meant we needed to be reactive to cultural events and / or activity happening at the airport. And our ideas had to go from conception to completion in a short time scale.

Working to a client brief with a specific goal (for example, increase the number of people signing up for MyGatwick, their loyalty scheme) an editor and I would rapidly generate ideas for social content to help achieve this goal as well as selecting the most suitable social channel.


I would scamp up our ideas to aid in gaining fast client approval, and once a route had been chosen I would work with a copy writer to develop the winning idea into final deliverables.  Tight timescales and a constant demand for new content made the effectiveness of this creative process critical to our success,




Here are some examples of illustration based social posts created for various briefs that I completed over my time working with this client.


Gatwick Airport