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Freelance Creative Designer with a versatile set of skills in digital, print, motion and branding, and a solid understanding of the creative process. Experienced in working at both large, award winning agencies, and small creative studios.

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Creative Collective



To create a brand for an initiative to encourage children and teenagers to stay creatively active.




The name

I conducted research into how people respond to the names of similar organisations. A commonality of organisation names that people were attracted to was the sense of community the name promotes. Building on this insight the name ‘Creative Collective’ was chosen for its ability to reference a network of people with a common interest. The term collective is also commonly used for groups of artists/designers which prompts an automatic association with the creative industries. The alliteration also gives it a memorable rhythm, whilst being informative and clearly defining its intentions.


The tagline

The tagline of ‘For the ones who cant sit still’ aim to resonate deeply with the target demographic. The phrase is often when referring to the children who may find regular school lessons boring and un-engaging. Using this tagline we sought to reclaim the identity of being someone who ‘can’t sit still’, making it a desirable trait for creative thinkers.


The logo

At the heart of Creative Collective is the importance of supporting creativity, but also a sense of community and freethinking. The logo needed to capture this whilst simultaneously symbolising how everyone is born with creative capabilities.

The rationale behind key elements:

  • One smooth line reflects the sense of a network of people.
  • Placement of the ‘creative collective’ shows the link with broadening creative thinking.
  • Flowing hand written font represents the relaxed, informal and friendly atmosphere the collective promotes.
  • The face is gender neutral.


The colours & typography

Research showed that the target market did not respond well to brands who have ‘patronising’ tones and style. So it was important that whilst the colours and typography were young, fun and eye catching they could not appear in anyway childish.


Here you can see the brand brought to life in a series of promotional posters.


Self initiated project